In the last six months we have finished our graduation collection from Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, and have relocated to our home city of San José, Costa Rica. We hope to set up an atelier soon and I have been busy with my theory for the completion of my degree. The title of my research is Re-fashioning a system: how Open Source has influenced Fashion Design, and I interviewed several designers working within the Open Source movement. I will be posting the interviews shortly.

Respect to Herr Yamamoto.

From The Talks:
Over 30 years later, are people still too stuck up when it comes to what they wear?
I simply cannot stand people’s tendency to become conservative. There’s always a move back to established conventions, otherwise upcoming waves would be soon categorized as common sense. Even the term avant-garde – avant-garde is now just a tiny fashion category. It became so cheap and pretentious. I hate it. But still, I strongly believe in the avant-garde spirit: to voice opposition to traditional values. It is not just a youthful sentiment; I live my life by it. Rebellion. You will only be able to oppose something and find something of your own after traveling the long road of tradition.