Notebook on Cities and Clothes

A pesar de haber sido filmado en 1989, el documental sobre Yohji Yamamoto "Notebook on Cities and Clothes" continúa siendo un desintoxicante punto de vista del director alemán Wim Wenders. Un inspirador retrato del diseñador japones, y del muchas veces mal comprendido oficio de hacer ropa.

“You live wherever you live, you do whatever work you do, you talk however you talk,you eat whatever you eat, you wear whatever clothes you wear, you look at whatever images you see...YOU'RE LIVING HOWEVER YOU CAN. YOU ARE WHOEVER YOU ARE.
"Identity" of a pereson, of a thing, of a place. The word itself gives me shivers.
it rings of calm, confort, contentedness. What is it, "identity"? To know where you belong? To know who you are? How do you recognize "identity"?
We are creating an image of ourselves, we are attempting to resemble this image...
Is that what we call identity?The accord between the images we have created of ourselves and ....ourselves? Just who is that, "ourselves"?
We live in the cities. The cities live in us...time passes. We move from one city to another, from one country to another. We change languages, we change habits, we change opinions, we change clothes, we change everything. Everything changes. And fast.
Everything is copy.”